Black Sabbath's Bill Ward: My 10 Favorite Metal Albums

Drummer shouts out classics including Metallica's Black Album and Type O Negative's 'October Rust'

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Slipknot, '.5: The Gray Chapter' (2014)

3. Slipknot, '.5: The Gray Chapter' (2014)

I was gonna pick [Slipknot's] first album [1999's Slipknot], but I thought, "No, let's go with the last album that they did." The reason that I picked it, primarily, is because of Corey [Taylor's] lyrics. I was talking to #3 [percussionist Chris Fehn] only a couple of days ago – he's a really close friend of mine. I was talking about Corey's lyrics, about how I'm amazed by every time I played the album, I learned something more. It's the way that Corey will give you a barrage of lyrics, and then become subdued. There are some really hardcore lyrics on this album. I'm not saying that there weren't before with Slipknot; they've always been a hardcore band, period. But that's what drew me to it, and that's what brought me to the decision. There's excellent playing from every member of the band, as well. 

Recently, I played "XIX" and "Sarcastrophe," which I think are both great tracks. But I like "XIX." It's a great example of Corey's lyrics, and I like the way he twists and turns, and he'll come out with something that'll be quite unexpected. And "The Negative One," I just love that; "The Devil and I." I'm still digesting a lot of this album. There's so much. I listen to this album over and over and over again. It's just really, really good.

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