Black Sabbath's Bill Ward: My 10 Favorite Metal Albums

Drummer shouts out classics including Metallica's Black Album and Type O Negative's 'October Rust'

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Motörhead, 'The Wörld Is Yours' (2010)

5. Motörhead, 'The Wörld Is Yours' (2010)

Brilliant band. I actually like a lot of Motörhead records. The reason why I picked this one is because it was [one of the last major albums] that they did, and it's quite fitting actually. The track "Brotherhood of Man," it seems quite fitting in today's society. It seems more fitting now than it ever was. I play it all the time on the radio show. It's one of our most-played records.

Lemmy had all the basic gut instincts about what metal is and there's no question about that. He's from that fairground way of life. ... I saw them in a bar in Worcester years and years ago when they were first setting out – I think it was 1981 or 1982 – and I couldn't believe the energy. It was fucking unbelievable. You knew that they were gonna be on the move, that they were a big band, that they were gonna tour the world multiple times. It's just absolutely plain in the way that they were. 

I knew Lemmy had been under the weather, but I didn't know that he was ill enough to pass away. It kind of knocked me sideways and I sat down for a few days; I couldn't believe that he'd passed away.

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