Black Sabbath's Bill Ward: My 10 Favorite Metal Albums

Drummer shouts out classics including Metallica's Black Album and Type O Negative's 'October Rust'

Dead Cross, 'Dead Cross' (2017)

10. Dead Cross, 'Dead Cross' (2017)

I saw Dead Cross last year in Los Angeles and I was just blown away. I was mesmerized. I thought, "My God, they're fucking incredible." Now, a new Dead Cross has arrived with Mike Patton on vocals, and I love Mike Patton, all the way back from Faith No More. I only got this record three weeks ago, and so far, it's just kicking fucking ass. And they're using sound effects, too, by the way, on this record. Of course, I'm attracted to Dave [Lombardo]'s drumming. There are crescendos, there are battering ram-type drum fills, and lots of tom-toms. Very melodic toms. Just twists and turns in the sound of the band. A lot of speed stuff on this record. It's just great. Patton sounds great, man. He sounds totally on.