Billy Joel's 'The Stranger' at 40: A Track-by-Track Guide

The Piano Man was on the verge of getting dropped by his label when he unleashed the biggest album of his career

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"Only the Good Die Young"

Originally, Billy Joel had the crazy idea that "Only the Good Die Young" should be a reggae song, complete with him singing in a Jamaican accent. Thankfully, his longtime drummer Liberty DeVitto did everything he could to bring him to his senses. "He threw his sticks at me and went, 'I hate reggae,'" said Joel. "'Why are you singing like that? The closest you've been to Jamaica is the Long Island Rail Road!'" They then arranged the song in the rocking arrangement that became famous, even if the line "Catholic girls start much too late" was guaranteed to piss off more than a few people for years to come. 

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