Billy Joel's 'The Stranger' at 40: A Track-by-Track Guide

The Piano Man was on the verge of getting dropped by his label when he unleashed the biggest album of his career

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"Everybody Has a Dream"

The fans that came out to see Billy Joel at the Nassau Coliseum on January 29th, 1998, got a pretty big shock when he busted out "Everybody Has a Dream," the grand finale of The Stranger he'd only played live at a couple tiny shows in Montauk, Long Island, in 1991. The gospel-flavored tune is an ode the domestic bliss he felt with his then-wife Elizabeth. "Everybody has a dream," he sings. "And this is my dream, my own/Just to be at home/And to be all alone ... with you." The song fades out around the 4:30 mark, but then it kicks back into the whistling intro of "The Stranger," bringing the album to a close. 

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