Billboard Music Awards 2017: 10 Best and Worst Moments

Celine brings the tears, Drake quotes memes and more moments from the annual celebration

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WORST: Cher's Performance Belies Icon Status
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WORST: Cher's Performance Belies Icon Status

At times, the Billboard Music Awards felt like an advertisement for the Las Vegas tourism board. So why not bring out Cher? The recipient of this year's Icon Award shimmied gamely through a rote reprisal of "Believe," her 1998 megahit that now sounds like a premonition of pop's electronically processed present, and which she recently dismissed as "crap" and a "nightmare." The pop gadfly re-emerged to perform "If I Could Turn Back Time" while wearing a replica of the famous buttocks-revealing outfit from her classic 1990 music video. It all seemed impossibly gauche and, unlike Celine Dion's moving appearance, hardly certified her "icon" status. It wasn't until she finally accepted her award where she shined, paying tribute to Diane Warren and other tunesmiths that are rarely acknowledged during ceremonies like this one. A refreshingly honest and illuminating presence. Maybe she should do a talk show next. 

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