Billboard Music Awards 2017: 10 Best and Worst Moments

Celine brings the tears, Drake quotes memes and more moments from the annual celebration

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BEST: Lorde Takes America to Karaoke
John Shearer/Getty5/10

BEST: Lorde Takes America to Karaoke

Look, in 2013 "Royals" already sounded like the work of a zealous music fan given a microphone, an audience of a hundred-million strong, and a chance to share secret longings. Performing her Top 20 hit "Green Light" in an expert recreation of a karaoke bar (complete with wasted spectators), Lorde reaffirmed the bond between her and her audience. You know that moment when a friend wows the lounge with her fearlessness and skills? One of our most down-to-Earth pop stars reminds us that she writes and sing hits, thanks. 

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