15 Best Reissues of 2017

The return of 'Sgt. Pepper,' Bob Dylan's gospel-years trove, Metallica's deluxe 'Master of Puppets' and more

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The Jam, '1977'

9. The Jam, '1977'

Here is that British blues boom detonated again, a decade later, with renewing, literate force and a ferocious, class-war impatience. All of the confrontation in this five-disc box was lit and thrown inside 10 months, from the February, 1977 demos that swiftly led to the Jam's April debut, In the City, to the November TV performance on the DVD promoting the rapid-fire followup, This Is the Modern World. Singer-guitarist-songwriter Paul Weller was not yet 20, still writing his way out of Who-ish R&B provocation to the original, flammable voice on All Mod Cons (1978) and Setting Sons (1979). Of special note here: a previously unreleased London-club date in September of '77, combining songs from the first two albums and high-speed joy rides through the Who's "So Sad About Us" and Arthur Conley's "Sweet Soul Music" – vintage mod in a new nutshell.

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