Readers' Poll: The 10 Best Post-1960s Bob Dylan Songs

See what tune managed to top 'Hurricane,' 'Not Dark Yet' and 'Shelter From the Storm'

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7. 'Jokerman'

The kick-off song to 1983's Infidels is a brilliant six-minute tune about a twisted figure "born with a snake in both fists while a hurricane was blowing." Biblical references pour out of every verse, even though this is the album where Dylan began transitioning out of his gospel period. The song has been played live a number of times, but the definitive version came from a 1984 Letterman appearance. Backed by the obscure new wave group Plugz, Dylan delivered a snarling rendition in which he sounded possessed by the demonic creature from the song. It's hard to imagine what brilliance might have come had he brought that band on the road, but Letterman was the first and last time they played together.

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