Readers' Poll: The 10 Best Post-1960s Bob Dylan Songs

See what tune managed to top 'Hurricane,' 'Not Dark Yet' and 'Shelter From the Storm'

10. 'Blind Willie McTell'

Artists are rarely the best judges of their own work. A piece they consider a career-defining masterpiece might land with a thud, while something they churned out quickly and relegated to the cutting room floor might be hailed as a lost treasure when it finally sees the light of day. Take Dylan's 1983 tune "Blind Willie McTell." He cut it during the Infidels sessions, ultimately chucking it from the album in favor of clearly sub-par tracks like "Union Sundown" and "Man of Peace." Thankfully, it quickly fell into the hands of bootleggers. "I didn't think I recorded it right," he told Rolling Stone's Kurt Loder in 1984.  "But I don't know why that stuff gets out on me. I mean, it never seems to get out on other people."

He was certainly wrong that he was alone in dealing with bootleggers, and most feel he was wrong to think that the song wasn't recorded right. He finally released it on the first Bootleg Series in 1991, and it wasn't until the Band put together a new arrangement on their 1993 disc Jericho that Dylan finally relented and began playing the song live. It's been in rotation ever since.