The Best of 2014: Broad City, St. Vincent and More Look Back

Comedians and musicians break down the culture that inspired them over the past 12 months

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Jack Antonoff, Bleachers
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Jack Antonoff, Bleachers

Wolf in White Van, by John Darnielle: ​He's been a massive idol of mine as the singer and songwriter for the Mountain Goats. He really taught me that you can talk about something, even if no one can relate to it, because honesty is what people relate to most.

Grimes, "Go": ​If someone was like, "Hey tell me what Grimes sounds like," you couldn't — you would have to be like, she's a mystical non-human creature that's learned how to say words and play music. "Go". . .felt like a huge step into new territory. In the second half of the post-chorus when all that percussion comes in, I just died. It's so rare, but sometimes you hear sounds and just think, "Fuck! How does that sound so new and brilliant?" That track is so out there and mainstream in the same breath. It makes my head spin thinking what she'll do next. I've always loved her as an artist, and I worked with her on the Bleachers record and she's just truly special. She's doing the most important thing, which is making music that sounds like no one else. Her next album is not gonna be anything less than that.

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