The Best of 2014: Broad City, St. Vincent and More Look Back

Comedians and musicians break down the culture that inspired them over the past 12 months

Dev Hynes, Blood Orange
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Dev Hynes, Blood Orange

Robert Wilson is one of my aesthetic loves, he and James Turrell have a similar thing going on. I've loved every project of his I've seen in the last couple of years immensely, and it's interesting to see someone hit their stride in the last decade of life. But I should shout-out Lady Gaga's last VMA performance, when she sang "Applause" for the opening number. It made a world of sense when I found out Robert Wilson directed that performance because I loved it. They added a "boo" track to the beginning! She's unfortunately not the crowd favorite at the moment, but if you isolate certain things she's done, it's really incredible. I've been obsessed with Tony Bennett since my mom took me to see him when I was 13, and it's an incredible thing [for Gaga to record with him] this current landscape. It's crazy how sexist the music industry is. Someone like Justin Timberlake is allowed the time to take a break, but on the female side of things you have to compete with Miley Cyrus or Ariana Grande. No one has ever been reminded they need to be competing with Justin Bieber. So I feel you need to admire Lady Gaga.

Bea: Her name is Beatrice — we've been talking on Skype and WhatsApp. She's released an EP but the video for "We're Like the Hard Born" is really unbelievably amazing. It was shot on a selfie-stick, and there's a CGI dog. The whole thing is so well done and really thought-out. The chords are really interesting, weird and have such a cool, modern classical feel to it. It's rare that I like something new that's not hip-hop or classical. It's so visually stimulating that I had to find out who she was. I don't look at blogs because they make me sad, so I don't remember how I first came across it.

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