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Best Albums of 2013: Mid-Year Report

Daft Punk, Vampire Weekend, Kanye West and more

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‪Yeah Yeah Yeahs‬, 'Mosquito'
Courtesy of Interscope Records19/40

‪Yeah Yeah Yeahs‬, 'Mosquito'

Shaped partly in New Orleans with longtime crony Dave Sitek of TV on the Radio into raw, scrappily urban music, Mosquito feels nostalgic for when the YYYs were New York's most thrilling underdogs, and not just because one song begins, "I lost you on the subway car/Got caught without my Metro card," and builds a groove on what sounds like the grind of a missed L train.

From the RS review: "Ten years in since the Yeah Yeah Yeahs' debut LP, frontwoman Karen O is a primal institution – the hipster next door lurching from one emo spectacle to another on bigger stages than anyone expected; she's the Lena Dunham of art punk."

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