Best Albums of 2013: Mid-Year Report

Daft Punk, Vampire Weekend, Kanye West and more

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‪Deerhunter‬, 'Monomania'
Courtesy of 4AD Records30/40

‪Deerhunter‬, 'Monomania'

Bradford Cox, the man behind Deerhunter, has moved from raw ambient-punk to a fluid-spattered, cross-dressing panoply of pretty much anything he likes, from glam rock-garage assaults to grumbling low-fi folk to slipping into soft psych-pop. We await his Kanye collaboration, his 70-piece orchestral album and his Broadway musical, but this will more than do for now.

From the RS review: "There is clearly no quietude in Cox's frantic mind, but his obsession yields beauty."

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