The Beatles' Revelatory White Album Demos: A Complete Guide

We delve deep into the 1968 home recordings that planted the seeds for the band's classic self-titled double LP

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Originally referred to by its working title of "Jubilee," this pretty yet slight number was the only one of McCartney's Kinfauns songs that didn't make the cut for the White Album – or indeed any Beatles album. It would surface on his self-titled solo debut in 1970 as both a lush instrumental (called "Singalong Junk") and an acoustic folk ditty.

It's clear from the demo tape that McCartney had more work to do on "Junk," as many lines consist of la-la'd and ooh'd dummy syllables or repeated verses. The few lyrics that do exist simply list the detritus of a bric-a-brac shop. Amusingly, McCartney can be heard laughing as he harmonizes with himself via vocal overdub. Perhaps he knew, even at this early stage, that it would be some time before "Junk" saw the light of day.

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