7 Pop Music Remakes That Never Should've Happened

Bon Jovi's "Prayer '94," Vanilla Ice's "Too Cold" and other updates that no one asked for

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Violent Femmes, "Blister 2000"

The first few seconds of the first song on the first Violent Femmes album is still the most famous and memorable thing the band has ever done, which is surely a little bit frustrating. But for the remake of 1983's "Blister in the Sun" – made at John Cusack's behest for the movie Grosse Point Blank, but not actually used in the movie – the trio chose to recreate the song's iconic guitar intro with a saxophone. That's not the only place that "Blister 2000" stumbles. It also slows the tempo significantly, adds some unnecessary strings, and makes room for a skronky sax solo where an acoustic guitar and spare drum set once stood. It's the same guys playing the same song, yet inferior in pretty much every way. No wonder the Grosse Point soundtrack included both versions.

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