7 Pop Music Remakes That Never Should've Happened

Bon Jovi's "Prayer '94," Vanilla Ice's "Too Cold" and other updates that no one asked for

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Vanilla Ice, "Too Cold"

Vanilla Ice guilelessly claimed his realness from the beginning, even as his image and music identified a bandwagoneer and cultural appropriator of the most extreme variety. That didn't stop "Ice Ice Baby" from being the first-ever hip-hop song to top the Billboard pop charts, or stop Vanilla Ice from achieving cultural omnipresence before a quick descent into punchline status. In 1998, he tried to hop aboard the rap-rock train with Hard to Swallow, an album that was savaged by critics and ignored by the public. That's a shame, because at least one track could've provided some schadenfreude or comic relief: "Ice Ice Baby" was remade under the name "Too Cold," and it basically sounds like Korn on a bad day. All of the original lyrics remain intact through the generic riffs and beats, though Ice does add the line, "Throw your hands in the air/Let me know you're out there." You can imagine the empty arena looking back at him.

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