7 Pop Music Remakes That Never Should've Happened

Bon Jovi's "Prayer '94," Vanilla Ice's "Too Cold" and other updates that no one asked for

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Prince, "1999 (The New Master)"

Prince's career was a mess in 1998. He was still using the glyph – sorry, "Love Symbol No. 2" – instead of his name, and he had finally broken free from his record label after a long battle. Warner Bros. took the opportunity of the impending year to re-release the iconic "1999," which had originally been released in 1985. Prince had other plans to mark the occasion, specifically a mostly new version of the song that he clearly hoped would supplant the original. Though credited to Prince and the Revolution, "1999 (The New Master)" doesn't keep much beyond his former bandmates' vocals. At first it's fairly indistinguishable from the original, but then there's a bit of scratching and, oof, a tacked-on rap by Doug E. Fresh that instantly dates this recording. "This is the party of the century/and the Artist's in the house with the NPG," he proclaims. It's no wonder this version is virtually impossible to find online.

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