7 Pop Music Remakes That Never Should've Happened

Bon Jovi's "Prayer '94," Vanilla Ice's "Too Cold" and other updates that no one asked for

Bon Jovi, "Prayer '94"

Bon Jovi have racked up plenty of hits in 35 years, but none as world-beating and band-defining as 1986's "Livin' on a Prayer." Say what you will about the song or the cheese-metal era that it defines: It has a huge chorus and incredible staying power. So why, for the 1994 hits collection Cross Road, did the band decide to re-record it as a mushy, slowed-down dirge? Was it a play for respectability in a post-grunge world or merely an attempt to bum out fans who had their lighters all ready to lift up high? The remake's biggest sin is changing the vocal melody in the chorus, stripping the song of its greatest strength.