As Nasty as They Wanna Be: The 20 Dirtiest Album Covers of All Time

Racy images that pushed the boundaries of art — and taste

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Ohio Players, 'Honey' (1975)

Ohio Players, 'Honey' (1975)

A well-oiled Playboy centerfold under hot lights with a jar of honey — what could possibly go wrong that a good dry cleaner couldn't handle? According to urban legend, model Ester Cordet was disfigured because the "honey" was actually acrylic, and when she came to the studio, the band's manager stabbed her, with her screams captured in the breakdown on "Love Rollercoaster." Ohio Players drummer Jimmy "Diamond" Williams denied all these stories: "We've never been arrested or incarcerated or interrogated," he told Rolling Stone. "Some of us have been handcuffed — we've had some wild times — but that's different."

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