Ariana Grande: 7 Forgotten Screen Cameos

From voice acting to playing a latex-clad orgy atendee, here are some of the pop diva's smallest gigs

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'Snowflake the White Gorilla' (2011)

As witnessed during her hosting debut on SNL, Grande is a malleable vocal talent. Unsurprisingly, she's used that to her benefit with a variety of voice acting gigs that she acquired during her time on VictoriousSnowflake the White Gorilla was one of her first big gets and had her embodying the title role in the English version of the originally Spanish-language film. Her soon-to-be Sam & Cat co-star Jennette McCurdy also lent her voice to the film that explores the fictional childhood of a real-life albino gorilla that lived in the Barcelona zoo until its death in 2003.

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