20 Best Things We Saw at Americana Music Fest 2014

Rolling Stone Country singles out the best moments from music's most authentic — and seemingly fastest growing — festival

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Best Unscripted Moment: Cory Chisel & Chelsea Bell
Chelsea Bell and Cory Chisel perform at City Winery during Americana Fest 2014 Photo Courtesy of City Winery5/20

Best Unscripted Moment: Cory Chisel & Chelsea Bell

Every artist who's trekked to Nashville to play an Americana showcase dreams about snagging breakout stardom, but the one who actually accomplished this didn’t even have credentials in fact, Chelsea Bell was working the back door at City Winery when Cory Chisel struck up a casual conversation with her about their mutual love of Toni Braxton. He had an inkling she might be able to sing, so he called her up on stage to perform Sam Cooke's "Bring It On Home To Me" with his new Soul Obscura project, and bring it home she did — blazing her classic, booming soul pipes alongside Chisel's earnest, guttural groove. Here's betting she goes from staff to talent by next year's festivities. (See a photo of Chisel and Bell below.) —Marissa R. Moss

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