American Music Awards 2014's 20 Best and Worst Moments

The verdict on Taylor Swift, One Direction, 5SOS and everything from Pitbull's "Fireball" to Waka Flocka Flame

Worst: And the Winners Tiny Text!

Worst: And the Winners Tiny Text!

Wondering who won Single of the Year, Favorite Country Group or Favorite EDM Artist? First off, what's wrong with you? Secondly, don't worry, so were we — since none of those awards were handed out during the show itself. Instead, they were relegated to a blink-and-you-miss-it mention during the AMAs' closing credits. They sacrificed the likes of Katy Perry — who won Single of the Year and Favorite Adult Contemporary Artist (ouch?) — as well as Beyoncé, Florida Georgia Line and Calvin Harris. In favor of. . .well, we're not exactly sure what. And look, no one is pretending that the AMAs (or most self-congratulatory gatherings, for that matter) aren't basically just a series of choreographed performances periodically interrupted by acceptance speeches and strategically placed products, but "Awards" is in the title of the show; it would've been nice to at least pretend the hardware actually meant something.

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