American Music Awards 2014's 20 Best and Worst Moments

The verdict on Taylor Swift, One Direction, 5SOS and everything from Pitbull's "Fireball" to Waka Flocka Flame

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Best: Taylor Swift Sticks to Her Guns
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Best: Taylor Swift Sticks to Her Guns

Minutes after Diana Ross called Taylor Swift a "true superstar," the young pop singer gave a heartfelt acceptance speech, underscoring her convictions, as the recipient of the inaugural Dick Clark Award for Excellence. First, she praised the former Supreme for paving the way for female artists. "I'm so blown away to have just received an award from Diana Ross, who just over the course of her career has stood up for herself so many times in a time when it was not popular for a woman to stand up for herself," Swift said. "I'm so honored. . .you're beautiful." Later, she turned her attention to her belief in the album format. Earlier this year, she penned an op-ed about the value of music — and albums — and recently, she reiterated her stance while defending her decision to pull her records from Spotify. "To the fans who went out and bought over a million copies of my last three albums, what you did by going out and investing in music and albums is you're saying that you believe in the same thing that I believe in," she said during her speech. "[You believe] that music is valuable and that music should be consumed in albums and albums should be consumed as art and appreciated."

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