'American Idol': 20 Best, Worst and WTF Moments

From Adam Lambert being robbed to William Hung doing his thing, it's been a wild ride for the past 15 seasons

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Worst: Sanjaya Malakar's "Ponyhawk" Performance, Season 6

Despite poor critiques by the judges, Sanjaya Malakar climbed all the way to seventh place with the help of viewer votes (and a little site called Vote for the Worst) during Season 6 of American Idol. Often the butt of jokes, Malakar played into haters' hands when he sang No Doubt's "Bathwater" while wearing a faux mohawk that resembled a horse's mane, aka the "ponyhawk." After the performance, a frustrated Simon Cowell threw his hands up at the fact that Malakar stuck around while better contestants got the boot: "I don't think it matters what we say!" Never underestimate the power of lovesick teenage girls.

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