'American Idol': 20 Best, Worst and WTF Moments

From Adam Lambert being robbed to William Hung doing his thing, it's been a wild ride for the past 15 seasons

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Worst: "Pants on the Ground" Audition, Season 9

By Season 9, American Idol didn't even try to hide the fact that producers were feeding the judges so-bad-it's-buzzworthy auditions on purpose. Despite being 62, a full 34 years older than the show's age limit, General Larry Platt was allowed to perform his self-penned song "Pants on the Ground" that griped about low-sagging jeans. While the other judges cracked up, Simon Cowell was having none of it: "I have a horrible feeling that could be a hit," he said before walking away. While Platt didn't go to Hollywood, Idol clearly had a winner on its hands when the video went viral.

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