'American Idol': 16 of the Best Losers Ranked

Over 15 seasons, many of show's might-have-beens went on to even more successful solo careers than the winners

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10. Todrick Hall, Season 9

How Far Did He Go: Top 16

Most Memorable Performance: Queen's "Somebody to Love," which unfortunately sent him home despite positive critiques

Biggest Hit: On YouTube, his "Disney Dudez" boyband parody tops the charts with 16 million views. (As a great Idol Easter egg, it features current season Idol contestant Dalton Rapattoni during his time as part of boy band IM5)

Career: While he fell short of the live shows, Hall is one of the Idol alums who's transitioned to the new outlet for budding celebrities: YouTube. Hall's channel boasts two million subscribers who follow his musical parodies and dance numbers. He’s taken things offline with sold-out tours, promotional videos for Virgin Airlines and Todrick, his own MTV show.

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