'American Idol': 16 of the Best Losers Ranked

Over 15 seasons, many of show's might-have-beens went on to even more successful solo careers than the winners

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1. Jennifer Hudson, Season 3

How Far Did She Go: Seventh Place

Most Memorable Performance: Whitney Houston's "I Have Nothing"

Biggest Hit: "Spotlight," her first single, sold more than a million copies worldwide.

Career: One of Idol's first shocking eliminations was Hudson, who left in a mere seventh place in 2004, ages before the Judges Save was instituted to help keep America from making the mistake of letting talent slip through Idol's grasp on the fault of a bad theme week (Hudson left during Barry Manilow Week). Of course, it was Hudson who had the last laugh as one of the show's most decorated alums. She held off on a studio album, instead jumping straight into films with the Dreamgirls movie, winning an Oscar in 2007 for her performance as Effie. She won a Grammy for her self-titled 2008 debut album, which spawned singles like "Spotlight" and "If This Isn't Love." That year, she also appeared in the Sex and the City film, and The Secret Life of Bees. Her personal life wasn't without tragedy, with three close family members (her mother, brother and nephew) murdered in 2008. After giving birth in 2009, Hudson eventually returned to the spotlight, focusing on music with 2011's I Remember Me and 2014's JHUD. She joined fellow Idol alum McPhee on Smash's second season, been a Weight Watchers spokeswoman, made her Broadway debut in 2015's revival of The Color Purple, and this spring she'll be part of HBO's Anita Hill film, Confirmation.

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