10 Great Adam Yauch Musical Moments

The Beastie Boys rapper and bassist would have turned 53 on August 5th.

"Paul Revere" (1986)

The Beasties eventually shied away from some of their early material which was often immature and misogynistic. But "Paul Revere," a wild and freaky origin story off Licensed to Ill, remained a staple of their repertoire until Yauch's final show at Bonnaroo in 2009. MCA's verse, one of several he tossed back and forth between him and his two bandmates, was as much an introduction to his gravelly voice and funky flow as his outsized persona. "Now, my name is MCA, I've got a license to kill/I think you know what time it is, it's time to get ill." "Yauch was coming from this other place, this gruff thing," Michael Diamond told Rolling Stone. "When we were 19 or 20, he sounded like a gruff 40-year-old. He was kind of the Bobby Womack of rap."