ACM Awards 2016: 15 Best and Worst Moments

From breakout performances to busted jokes

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Best Upgrade: Dierks Bentley
Ethan Miller/Getty13/15

Best Upgrade: Dierks Bentley

Going back to Vegas basics, it would be pretty hard to not top last year's clumsy atmosphere-killer at AT&T Stadium. Even still, trading out Blake Shelton — who co-hosted the broadcast for the last four years — for naturally funny Dierks Bentley was a good call. See, when it comes prom-king jocks, returning emcee Luke Bryan and Bentley are the kind of bros who will buddy up to nerds for homework help and maybe even sneak 'em a beer too. Shelton is the guy who'd give a geek a swirly. That much was made clear in the first gag of the night, when Shelton jacked Bentley's mic and rushed the stage to help Bryan sing his show-opening new single, "Huntin', Fishin' and Lovin' Every Day." Sure, save for Shelton's parting words — wishing Bentley luck and calling Bryan a "dumbass" — and some lighthearted back and forth between the two hosts, the opening segment was short on Brad-and-Carrie-worthy big disses (Luke and Dierks are nice guys!), but the pair clearly had chemistry when jesting about Tim McGraw naming his biceps "Humble" and "Kind" or leading an arena-wide suck-up to Chris Stapleton.

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