A&M Records' Greatest Hits

On the label's 50th anniversary, founders Herb Alpert and Jerry Moss remember five decades of classic records

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Supertramp, 'Breakfast In America' (1979)
A&M Records10/15

Supertramp, 'Breakfast In America' (1979)

Alpert: "One of my favorite groups. Supertramp created something so pristine and clean, yet emotional, at the same time."

Moss: "They gave us an amazing album when we really needed one, and helped pull us through and save our ass. Breakfast In America was remarkable. It was an absolutely huge record worldwide – it even sold a million albums in France! From the sound alone of 'The Logical Song' or 'Take the Long Way Home,' you could tell it was Supertramp. The funny thing was, [Supertramp frontmen] Roger Hodgson and Rick Davies could walk down the street in New York, and nobody would know who they were."

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