A&M Records' Greatest Hits

On the label's 50th anniversary, founders Herb Alpert and Jerry Moss remember five decades of classic records

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Peter Frampton, 'Frampton Comes Alive!' (1976)
A&M Records11/15

Peter Frampton, 'Frampton Comes Alive!' (1976)

Moss: "Peter left Humble Pie, and we supported him as a solo artist for four albums. He was writing some nice songs, but was pretty much staying a mid-level artist, selling around 200,000-300,000 records. But Peter was a huge live star in markets like Detroit and San Francisco, so we made a suggestion that he make a live record. What he was doing onstage wasn't like the records – it was outrageously better. I remember being at the mix of Frampton Comes Alive! at Electric Lady studios, and I was so blown away I asked to make it a double album. We put it out at a special promo price, and it just kept selling and selling…"

Alpert: "Peter was a great guitarist and amazing performer, and it didn't hurt he was a cute guy, too. The sales were abnormal: the day we put out Frampton Comes Alive!, we sold 50,000, and it just kept going. It was his time."

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