9 Ways Kendrick Lamar's 'Control' Verse Changed the World

How the rapper made Big Sean's 2013 single one of the most important hip-hop songs of the last decade

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3. It Made a Lot of People Not Want to Hear a Song Like "i" From Kendrick Lamar

This is one of the downsides. "Control" whipped Lamar's fanbase into such a frenzy about the aggressive side of his music that it seemed to poison the well for his next solo single. The Isley Brothers-sampling self-esteem anthem "i" was a Grammy-winning ray of sunshine and critically acclaimed, too, but it was the exact opposite of "Control" — which means it faced resistance from hip-hop heads and had weak support from urban radio. It only hit Number 11 on the R&B charts, while three different singles from good kid, M.A.A.D. City had hit Top 10.

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