63 Most Anticipated Albums of 2017

Drake, Tool, U2 and more of this year's upcoming releases

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The xx
Alasdair McLellan39/52

The xx

Album: I See You
Release Date: January 13th
If you want to know what the atmospheric London trio's first album in five years will sound like, take a listen to beatmaker Jamie XX's 2015 solo album In Colour, which he says offers a hint at where the band is going. Lyrically, according to guitarist/vocalist Romy Madley-Croft, their third album is reunion-themed. "Our friendship was a really big part of the album process and we all felt quite distant from each other at one point, but then, you know, we came back together again and we worked on our relationship as friends," she told Rolling Stone. "And when someone see you, you feel understood and you don't feel as alone. It's comforting. And so, we picked the title because we thought it was the simplest way of saying, 'I see you, it's OK.'"

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