63 Most Anticipated Albums of 2017

Drake, Tool, U2 and more of this year's upcoming releases

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Ryan Adams
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Ryan Adams

Album: Prisoners
Release Date: TBA
After his marriage to Mandy Moore fell apart in 2014, Adams returned from Los Angeles to New York, where he recorded 80 songs in a therapeutic frenzy. "I needed to shut everyone off for a while and completely destroy myself. I needed to become totally lost," Adams recently told Rolling Stone Australia. "I went inside and said, 'OK, Ryan Adams, who are you in this moment? Can you accurately describe your internal surroundings?" With titles like "Do You Still Love Me?" and "To Be Without You" suggesting the end of a relationship, listeners will inevitably wonder how much of the new album is autobiographical, a question that Adams has been reluctant to answer directly. "The fairest way to answer that is, as a writer, I literally work with what I have at the time," he says.

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