63 Most Anticipated Albums of 2017

Drake, Tool, U2 and more of this year's upcoming releases

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Mastodon will grapple with the big C on their seventh album, according to drummer-lyricist Brann Dailor. "It's about going through cancer, going through chemotherapy and all the things associated with that," Dailor told Rolling Stone. "I didn't want to be literal about it. But it's all in there." Crack the Skye producer Brendan O'Brien worked with the Atlanta quartet at the Quarry in Kennesaw, Georgia, where the heavy rockers applied their raw riffage and progressive tendencies to songs about a character whose death sentence is imposed by "a desertlike version of the Grim Reaper." Tracks such as "Show Yourself," "Your Own Blood," "Steambreather" and "Precious Stones" will chart the protagonist's struggle with time and mortality until "the person simultaneously dies and is saved," says Dailor.

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