63 Most Anticipated Albums of 2017

Drake, Tool, U2 and more of this year's upcoming releases

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Album: SweetSexySavage
Release Date: January 27th
Since emerging in 2014 with her Cloud 19 mixtape, Kehlani has gathered over 2.7 million Instagram followers while scoring Hot 100 hits like "Crzy" and "Gangsta" (from last year's Suicide Squad soundtrack). She's drawn praise from industry figures like Puff Daddy, who claim that her iconoclastic, tattooed image and honest, confessional lyrics have "redefined and saved R&B." As a result, SweetSexySavage is one of the most anticipated R&B debuts of 2017. "This one, I really took my time like, 'Every song, I not only have to write really intensely, but I have to make sure that I push myself to get the sonics correctly,'" she said in an interview last year.    

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