50 Wildest Guns N' Roses Moments

Why did Slash sneak a mountain lion into the Four Seasons?

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May 19th, 2006: Axl Gets Socked by Tommy Hilfiger
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May 19th, 2006: Axl Gets Socked by Tommy Hilfiger

In what was maybe the silliest punch-up in Axl Rose's combative career, the singer got whomped by Tommy Hilfiger — a fashion designer 11 years his senior — at New York City's Plumm nightclub during a birthday party for actress Rosario Dawson. Pissed that Axl had moved his girlfriend's drink without asking, Hilfiger decided that the best defense was a good offense, and pummeled the singer repeatedly before security could pull them apart. "He had a huge ring on," Hilfiger recalled in 2010. "He wears all this jewelry. [I'm thinking], if I get hit, it's over. No teeth, no eye. So I hit him before he hit me. It was self-protection. Now we're friends."

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