50 Wildest Guns N' Roses Moments

Why did Slash sneak a mountain lion into the Four Seasons?

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May 13rd, 1986: Axl Battles a Thelonious Monster
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May 13rd, 1986: Axl Battles a Thelonious Monster

At a Raji's performance, the girlfriend of Bob Forrest, lead singer of L.A. scene staples Thelonious Monster, had been in the front row spraying beer in Axl's face, causing him to be shocked repeatedly by the equipment. Axl yelled at her and pushed her away with the mic stand. Forrest returned fire by swinging a drum stand at him. G N' R and the Monster must have patched things up, since they played on a UCLA bill with the Red Hot Chili Peppers that Halloween. Years later, Forrest, now a drug counsellor, helped Adler combat addiction on Season 2 of Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew

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