50 Top Tweeters in Music

Whether it's Kanye West or M.I.A., these effusive folks deliver entertainment 140 characters at a time

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Himansu (Das Racist)
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11. Himansu (Das Racist)


Why You Should Follow Him: How could Himansu — the portlier, more Indian half of prankster-rap duo Das Racist — not have a cryptic, hip-hop-nerd-joke riddled Twitter feed? He does, of course, and it's a natural extension of the "just joking we're not joking just joking we are joking" Das Racist mentality.

Characteristic Tweets:
"someone asked me what I think immortal technique doin, I sd 'awno, googlin fuck bush?'"

"dap broke into singin 311 down jus now?"

"indians like love dying in stampedes... but white people? white people are mad corny... feel me?"

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