50 Songs in the Key of Kardashian

From Kanye love letters to Eminem disses, the top tracks to reference reality TV's first family

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Atmosphere Featuring Brother Ali, Carnage the Executioner and Hapduzn, "It Ain't the Prettiest" (2013)

Lyrics: "I wait and watch for gas rates to drop/While you debate if Kim Kardashian’s booty is fake or not"

Backstory: When Barack Obama said in his Kindle Singles interview that, when he was growing up, "kids weren't monitoring every day what Kim Kardashian was wearing," he used the now-Mrs. West as a metaphor for tabloid culture. Atmosphere are effectively taking the same approach as the President here, by contrasting the act of indulging in Kim gossip with real problems: being able to afford gas and concern about your kids' welfare.

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