50 Most Important People in EDM

The movers, shakers and speaker-quakers shaping dance in 2014

Thristian Richards and Blaise Bellville, Boiler Room
Caitlin Mogridge/Redferns50/50

50. Thristian Richards and Blaise Bellville, Boiler Room

The Boiler Room, dates back just four years, when Blaise Bellville edited a magazine called Platform and Thristian Richards spun at the hippest warehouse parties in über-hip East London. Bellville invited Richards, who spins under the name bPm, to create a live-streamed mix for the magazine. That project's popularity led to more streams, with Bellville ultimately spinning off the concept into the Boiler Room, a series of mix sessions broadcast from too-cool-for-school, invite-only club nights now spanning the globe. The hallmark of a Boiler Room session is creativity in music selection and technical skill. Both its listeners and guest DJs demand surprises and proper set creation, bringing back DJ sets to the notion of a proper dance floor journey rather than a hit parade.