50 Most Important People in EDM

The movers, shakers and speaker-quakers shaping dance in 2014

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Jason Huvaere and Sam Fotias, Movement
CC Image Courtesy femaletrumpet02 on Flickr44/50

44. Jason Huvaere and Sam Fotias, Movement

Getting their start throwing raves in mid-Nineties Detroit and then becoming early digital dance-music archivists (their SoundCloud page is a jaw-dropping trove of sets from 2000 forward), Paxahau's Huvaere and Fotias are now gearing up for their eighth year of the Movement Festival. Located in Hart Plaza on Memorial Day weekend, the annual showcase for Detroit techno and its global offshoots is now a serious festival player. (Carol Marvin, who originally founded the event as the Detroit Electronic Music Festival, will be reviving DEMF this year to compete with Movement.) What's perhaps most impressive is Movement's global fan base, which has helped push the festival's numbers way up – from 45,000 in 2006 to 100,000-plus each of the last two years. All this with only one stage dedicated to EDM.

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