50 Most Important People in EDM

The movers, shakers and speaker-quakers shaping dance in 2014

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Daft Punk
Karl Walter/Getty Images19/50

19. Daft Punk

As the only EDM figures iconic enough to get referenced on The Simpsons (unless you count Baron von Herzenberger hurrying back Stuttgart in time to see Kraftwerk), pretty much everything Daft Punk does seems to break ground – from the giant pyramid that made DJs change their festival game, to bridging the gap between clubkid cool and Kanye cool, to making an advertisement that became the most talked about thing at Coachella 2013, to releasing an album with live drums, to being the first EDM artists to get an Album of the Year nomination at the Grammys. Reclusive and media-savvy, no one can ever predict what their next step will be, but it will definitely be watched closely.

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