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All Time Low, 'So Wrong, It's Right' (2007)

20. All Time Low, 'So Wrong, It's Right' (2007)

Think of All Time Low as the kings of a new pop-punk wave – or heroes of the late TRL generation. Led by goofy guys Alex Gaskarth and Jack Barakat, the Maryland band became icons for their youthful outlook, as displayed on second LP So Wrong, It's Right: "Shameless" outlines the bittersweet sensation of crushing on the cool girl; "Stay Awake, is the moment when she finally looks your way. The album as a whole indulges the teenage fantasy of making a night, a dance, a relationship last forever. The songs' characters dream of "Vegas" in place of their usual suburban haunts, or "Poppin' Champagne" in lieu of 40s in their school parking lots. In many ways, the album's diverse sound – the unexpected "California!" aside in "Let It Roll," the mournful acoustic balladry of "Remembering Sunday," the ecstatic vivacity of the four-times platinum "Dear Maria, Count Me In" – is the perfect template for late-2000s pop-punk as a whole. "Everything we do is a little bit weird and a little bit wrong but everyone seems to like it," Gaskarth told BuzzNet in 2008M.S.