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Bouncing  Souls, 'Hopeless Romantic' (1999)

40. Bouncing Souls, 'Hopeless Romantic' (1999)

On their fourth album, Bouncing Souls streamlined the nervy propulsion of their previous work into clean, uplifting songs that still captured the rough-and-tumble glee of an overcrowded basement show. On the goofy sing-along "Bullying the Jukebox," these New Brunswick, New Jersey, hometown faves seem to describe their own anything-goes punk ethos when they sing about loading up a playlist full of "Songs of punk and songs of joy/Love songs about girls and boys/Songs of metal and English stuff/And some hardcore songs to make us feel tough." When discussing the chant-heavy classic "Ole" with Alternative Press, frontman Greg Attonito said, "The lyrics are completely silly. We just went with it. Maybe it could have turned into something else, but why bother? It was just about yelling 'Ole' and being happy." L.G.