50 Greatest Pop-Punk Albums

From Blink-182 to the Buzzcocks, we count down the best of punk's most lovable, lovelorn offshoot

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The  Rezillos, 'Can't Stand the Rezillos' (1978)

22. The Rezillos, 'Can't Stand the Rezillos' (1978)

From Edinburgh, Scotland – birthplace of the Bay City Rollers – high-octane goofballs Rezillos mixed surf rock, garage, glam, rockabilly and New Wave quirko-costumes into a punk-rock band that feels like the B-52's if they listened to more Cramps than Chic. Their lone studio album (until a 2015 reunion), Can't Stand the Rezillos combines the greasy kids' stuff of Fifties sci-fi ("Flying Saucer Attack," "2000 A.D."), the giddy highs of the Sixties beat groups (covers of Dave Clark Five, and Gerry and the Pacemakers), and the art-school-hewn drollness of Seventies post-punk (one of the album's catchiest songs is "(My Baby Does) Good Sculptures"). "We all came from a similar place and we met somewhere that set us in a similar direction, which was to do something that was very rock & roll–y and drawn from lots of arty things that had to do with pop culture and very rooted in garage rock," co-vocalist Fay Fife told Noisey. "People didn’t really like that then, but we liked it." C.R.W.

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