50 Greatest Pop-Punk Albums

From Blink-182 to the Buzzcocks, we count down the best of punk's most lovable, lovelorn offshoot

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The Offspring, 'Smash' (1994)

13. The Offspring, 'Smash' (1994)

While Green Day were the poster boys of the Nineties punk boom, the Offspring were integral in giving the genre an added mainstream boost. In 1994, the Orange County band's third LP, Smash, broke the Billboard Top Five and became the biggest-selling independent album to date. The band racked up mega-hit singles – the quirky, gang-violence–themed "Come Out and Play"; the sardonic loser's anthem "Self-Esteem" – without toning down their signature hard-edged crunch. Of course, the band's pop appeal came with a price: Punk purists cried foul when they broke big and signed to Columbia following the release of Smash. "Isn't it ironic?" frontman Dexter Holland reflected to Rolling Stone on the album's 20th anniversary. "You start a punk band because you feel like you're being ostracized. Then your punk band gets big and you get ostracized again." B.S.

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