50 Greatest Pop-Punk Albums

From Blink-182 to the Buzzcocks, we count down the best of punk's most lovable, lovelorn offshoot

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Good Charlotte, 'Good Charlotte' (2000)

46. Good Charlotte, 'Good Charlotte' (2000)

"This song is dedicated to every kid who ever got picked last in gym class," begins "Little Things," the opening track on Good Charlotte's self-titled album. The intro is the thesis for the whole record: 14 tracks for the underdogs, the unpopular kids, for everyone who ever dreamed of leaving their small hometown. Good Charlotte is a record that knows teenagers need pop-punk; most of the songs take place in the halls of the high school where the four friends met. Benji and Joel Madden's songs pivot on candid lyrics like "I know that I'm not fitting in with you and your stuck-up friends" or "Motivate me/I want to get myself out of this bed." "When we recorded our first record, I was still a senior in high school," guitarist Billy Martin once recalled of the album. "We were super young and that record was just simple." P.V.

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