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BulletBoys, 'Freakshow' (1991)

30. BulletBoys, 'Freakshow' (1991)

Having already established themselves as carriers of the Van Halen torch with their self-titled debut, the BulletBoys decided to get a little weirder on their follow-up. "We just refuse to pander to tastes other than our own," guitarist Mick Sweda told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch in 1991. Tracks like the saucy "Do Me Raw" and the yowling "Good Girl" revealed that raunch remained a key part of their arsenal, but they had artier things on their dirty minds. The album's first single, the paranoid, sludgy "THC Groove," had a video that opened with an homage to Battleship Potemkin — and was hastily clarified by a drug-resistant MTV as being parenthetically called "The Hard Core Groove." Instead of going the power-ballad route (a surefire ticket to Dial MTV), the band released covers of the Tom Waits growler "Hang On St. Christopher" and J.B. Lenoir's pestering "Talk to Your Daughter" as singles. Both became minor hits thanks to frontman Marq Torien's oozy charisma. M.J.